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Dreamfall Chapters Book 1 and 2 (Linux) (GOG)
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dreamfall chapters linux gog
2015-03-14 19:52:23 GMT
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Hey here the latest version of dreamfall chapters. The new installer contains both book 1 and 2. Hope you enjoy and please help seed.


Changelog for version 2.0.0: 

Book Two 

● Version 2.0 includes the second episode of Dreamfall Chapters! Hours of new gameplay, tons of new characters and locations — enjoy! 

● Please note that you need to have completed Book One in order to start Book Two. 

● Book Two is currently only available in English. German version with full voice-overs, and French subtitled version will arrive next week. 

General changes 

● Added option for player to start a new game from any book. Please note that this will remove Storyflags (player progress) in the chosen Book, but keeps the progress from previous Books. This option is only available if you’ve completed the previous episode(s). 

● Completing a book will unlock a new button on the main menu ("Start Book X") when the next Book is available, taking you straight into the continuation of the story. 

● Decision Point updates: Some DPs will give you the option to learn more about important characters. An on-screen message will be displayed when this is available. 

● Some decisions are now timed and need to be made quickly. A circular countdown will be displayed when this is the case. Act fast! 

● Added Invert X menu option. Inverts horizontal camera movement. 

● Added support for displaying multiple dialogue-subtitles at once. 


● The Mac version of the game is now a 64-bit executable, which re-enables the ‘Awesome' visual quality option that was disabled previously due to memory issues. 

Known issues 

● Non-player characters in Marcuria can sometimes get stuck. Most of them should relocate to a safe position once stuck. If this is not the case, loading a save-game will un-stuck them. We are working on a permanent fix. 

● Dead zones for analog controller input may be too low for some controllers / drivers. This may cause a slight drift when there should be no analog input coming from the controller. 

● Some places missing collision in scenes from Book One (specifically Europolis, The Hand That Feeds) are still not fixed. 

● If you aggressively push up against certain steam machines in Marcuria, it’s possible to get stuck in the scenery. Do not tempt fate! We will fix this in the next patch. 

● Because of Kian's animation, his character model may clip slightly through walls of certain houses while walking up against them. 

● You may see occasional popping scenery (buildings and props) in Marcuria and other locations. We are continuously working to update this. 

● Locations may produce variable framerates based on the current viewport and lighting. Reducing the Shadow Distance (in-game visual settings) may lead to better performance as this controls the distance at which an object must be from the camera to produce shadows. The visual quality may also help slightly as this reduces the texture sizes overall. 

● Like Europolis, Marcuria is a big location with a lot of assets (even bigger than Europolis). Minimum spec hardware with low RAM can sometimes experience issues like memory crashes, missing/glitching assets (due to memory) and sub-optimal frame rates. Reducing the in-game settings are the best workaround to reduce the amount of these issues occurring. The visual quality setting will have the most impact with regards to memory (RAM) usage. We advise those experiencing such issues to read through our FAQ. It contains a lot of tips that may help players achieve a better experience. 

● Players with certain combinations of hardware, operating systems and drivers may experience graphical glitches and bugs. These issues are often related to non-supported shaders on some assets, such as characters' corneas, lighting and fog shaders. 



Can someone please seed ...
Sara...thank you so much for this, I downloaded the torrent Dreamfall chapters Book 1, and fell in love...
Any chance we can also get book 3 ... too much to ask ? :$