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DreamCast Emulator[Chankast]
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2006-09-07 19:21:34 GMT
Mazka VIP

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As it seems to be major PITA to find Dreamcast BIOS (dc_bios.bin dc_flash.bin) for working emulator (chankast), I finally did the brave job and now upping a working torrent.


Good job! Thanks!
WHOW!!if it works,GREAT!!
have a lot of DC games which i can't play anymore because of broken DC.

thank you.
From author: Forgot to add: This torrent DOES INCLUDE Dreamcast BIOS necessary to play with Chankast. Piratebay search seems to find this torrent by searching for bios, as intended.
im supprised i couldn't find more hits for this on bit che but if you guys say it works
Man! Finally I can play my old DC games :D
(My DC is broken)
Everyone stops seeding this once I hit 99% I hate that lol :\
is it pc emulator, ore?
nice torrent. but how do i play the dreamcast games on the emulator if i have the orginial game? thanks
Dreamcast baby, i fucking love you!!! now i just need a controller... :\
Thanx man.
Thx dude! I was looking everywhere on google to find that! And this torrent is fast! =O I'll seed to make it even faster :D
do u need the controller? i dont think u do.. but ok now afta i dl this do i have to search for the video games? cuz i dont have dc my cuz did but i loved the games... how do i go about that?
Some one seed pleas
thanks for uploading!
i love the dramcast it was actually one of my favorite game systems.
Thank you man!! This is perfect!
fuckl this chan shit i tryd an mounted thius frustratin shit but it only give this bin file named 0Load wtf?...fuck it!!!!
You can get roms from the sites:

Thanks loads for the upload. Was having trouble getting hold of the bios & flash files and you've solved my issue.
i wanna this
Was looking for bios and now i find it :D THANKS
thank you bro, i wish there was a was a way to "thumb ups" other than seeding.