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Bioshock CD KEY
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2008-01-04 21:02:21 GMT
Ozflik Trusted

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This is a CD Key Straight From the Game it will work for Online play. But Only 1 person at a time can use it for online Play. But it still works to INstall the game.


Get you games right. Bioshock has no online multiplayer or anything that comes close. Despite your previous torrents here (which look relatively inconspicuous), I'm gonna jump on the grenade and tag this as either spam or a pathetic virus. Good job. /sarcasm
No it is not virus i just bought the game and my pc couldn't handle it so i just copied the cd key. I thought you could play online
K. Sorry bout that Ozflik. As much as I love PB, there are sometimes too many fishy torrents that arise from the deep. Sad that the individuals who do do that type of stuff are retroactive and aren't helping the overall image ha us pirates strive for :P
Well it appears to be a text file, so I doubt there is much harm, but it would have made more sense just to post it in the forums as text.

The only thing is of course that you do need on-line activation for the game, (there is no multiplayer component), but I have read you can only use that key a handful of times.

If what the uploader says is true - he has just thrown away his game because he will never be able to activate it when he does get a PC that can handle it.

Of course he could just get a patch from here. ;-)
Okay, I copied and pasted the key, but it came up invalid. I tried entering it in all caps, also invalid. I even changed anything that coulda ben a typo, like o's to 0's ans i's to 1's. Invalid. IF anyone has better luck, lemme know.
doesn't work for me neighter.. :(
the key is legit, but to avoid anymore confusion or doubt here's the key:
Thanks for osting the key in ur comment man, I was starting to get issed cos my uTorrent fucked u and it wasnt downloading. Cheers.
Oh lol it downloaded. I'll seed for a while.
ive never got a virus from a txt file. linkinkampf19 is a dumbfuck .thanks for taking the time to post key :):)::):)
it doesn't work! :(
Don't Download! Its just ... shit