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Mirrors Edge Update 1 01-RELOADED
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2009-01-16 17:10:48 GMT

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Crack really works for level 3 slowmotion thanks !
Is it working guys, have anyone completed this game with or without this patch....?
This worked for me. I set to compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2.

Here is how you do it in case you weren't sure.

1. Browse to the Binaries folder in Mirror's Edge installation directory, it is (C:\Program Files\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\Binaries)
2. Right click MirrorsEdge.exe, and click on Properties.
3. Click the Compatibility tab at the top.
4. Tick on 'Run this program in compatibility for' and choose Windows 2000 (Vista/7 users can also try Windows XP SP2)
this update fixed slow mo is chapter 3, thanks .BONE. luv ya work
yeah this patch really works..
the slow down issue gets resolved
I need some real help...I have the problem that most of you have - the game slows down at the beginning of Chapter 3.

So I downloaded this torrent and stuck them into the Binaries folder in my program files.
I've tried everything in the comments - setting my Mirrors Edge.exe compatibility to every option possible, yet the game only runs if I turn off the compatibility option.
Also, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that line in my TDEngine is already set to =1.

Can someone please help me through a step-by-step to stop the slow-down problem at the beginning of Chapter 3? Thanks for your time.
Shit lags when those SWAT raid you at the offices.
Installed the patch and put the crack in Binaries, set Compatibility mode to Xp(sevice pack 2) , but when i run the game it crashes and say Mirrorsedge.exe stop working. Please Help =(
Installed the patch, put the crack in compatiblity mode, changed the MaxMultisamples=2 to 1, and when i go to run the game it crashes.
works great. fixed lag and crash.

note to others if you're having lag turn off physx, doesn't affect game play only graphics of broken objects.
Hey guys should I aply patch first or the crack?? Tnx :D
Huys when i Instaled update (1.01) to fix slow motion thing,game scren apears and then ,,mirror's edge has stoped working'' error.What the hell should i do now???
@ ALIEN68 at 2009-01-21 14:30 CET:

Problem is, your link is dead, and I'm guessing it was because TPB removed it because what you said was the exact opposite of the truth.
For those of you that are lagging when the SWAT team raids the office, go into your video settings and turn off PhysX That fixed the issue for me, also this update fixes the slow motion glitch in chapter 3
Build a better pc
No idea why the fuck this has been archived into parts, pretty pointless given the fact that the actual game hasn't

Redownloaded this twice, tried extracting it with 7-Zip and Winzip and Winrar, it always tells me that mirrorsedge.exe is corrupt, and doesn't extract it.
i got many rar files and when i extract it and start the setup file it says the mirrors edge is not instaled properly ???? help me please i realy like this game a lot
im getting slow mo bug all the time on all levels now WTF ?!